Zirconia Full Arch:
The Ultimate Implant Restoration

max_width_extra_smallAt Radiance Dentistry, our primary focus is on implant restorations, and Dr. Mounir Iskandar offers significant expertise in this area. As a highly trained prosthodontist and oral surgeon, he frequently recommends dental implants and a zirconia full arch restoration. As many of his patients have already discovered, dental implant-supported prosthetics offer an ideally lifelike solution to tooth loss. Dr. Iskandar aims to provide his patients with the very best, both in the care and the materials he offers. Our patients in the Irving, TX, area have been thrilled with their zirconia restorations, which are as strong and durable as they are beautiful.

About the Zirconia Full Arch

Zirconia is the most durable material available in dentistry today and provides remarkable translucent qualities that mimic the appearance of natural enamel. Zirconia is increasingly considered a superior choice over porcelain for dental crowns, dental bridges, and dentures.

Dental implants provide ideal support for these restorations, eliminating many common concerns such as slippage, difficulty chewing, and the need for ongoing adjustment. All of these concerns are all non-issues with implants. Like other implant-retained prosthetics, the zirconia full arch is a long-lasting solution to missing teeth and also offers improved strength and aesthetics.

Zirconia is the most durable material available in dentistry today and provides remarkable translucent qualities that mimic the appearance of natural enamel.

The zirconia full arch provides the following benefits:

  • Made of 100 percent biosafe zirconia
  • Provides enhanced stability
  • Very strong resistance to fractures, chipping, and stains
  • Unparalleled translucency and natural-looking color
  • Gentler than porcelain, causing less wear on opposing teeth
  • Efficient, requiring less prosthetic space in the mouth

The five-year success rate for zirconia prosthesis has been shown to be as high as 100 percent. Dr. Iskandar offers a lifetime guarantee to his zirconia bridge patients, with expectations that your restoration will last for decades.

Implant Dentistry with Dr. Iskandar

Dr. Iskandar can provide you with complete implant and restorative dentistry services from start to finish. At your initial consultation, he provides a thorough exam to evaluate your candidacy for implant dentures. He can perform all necessary extractions, periodontal treatment, or bone grafting that may be needed prior to implant surgery.

Depending upon your individual needs and preferences, Dr. Iskandar can design a fixed or removable implant denture and can place your zirconia full arch on as few as four implants. All-on-4® Implants are ideal for many patients, and provide the option of a temporary, same-day denture to wear home after implant surgery.

The zirconia full arch is created with state-of-the-art computerized (CAD/CAM) technology, providing the best possible custom fit. A full set of zirconia dentures can enhance your smile and fill in facial contours, allowing you to feel confident in your appearance. Dr. Iskandar does not hesitate to call the zirconia full arch restoration the best you can find, and he considers it a worthwhile investment in enhanced quality of life.

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