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XircOn Ultra is one of the most anticipated dental science advances in the past decade. The closest material to human teeth, it looks and feels more natural than any other product on the market. Used in more than a million restorations worldwide and approved by the FDA, XircOn Ultra offers a premier lifetime solution for full arch replacement.


zirconia dental implants

Mimicking the periodontal ligament — our natural shock absorber — XircOn Ultra features the same give and take as real teeth. As a result, these implants feel great in the mouth and provide the most pleasant bite experience possible.

Unlike opaque ceramics, Ultra’s translucent properties offer true transparency and blend seamlessly to mimic the look of real, beautiful teeth. Not only do they look more natural, they also sound more natural as the material is equal parts forgiving and durable.

XircOn Ultra is 70% lighter than zirconia and less rigid, meaning it doesn’t transfer the same kind of stress to the jawline. And while it’s pliability is definitely an asset, so too is its resiliency.
Not as stiff as zirconia and not as soft as an acrylic hybrid, XircOn Ultra is the sweet spot of dental implants, and the most reliable, long-term option for full dental arch replacement.

With more than a million restorations seated worldwide and dozens of labs participating in U.S. trials, this new technology is the trusted, cutting-edge technology you’ve been waiting for.