Dental Implant Candidacy

Here at Radiance Dentistry we see many patients who are suffering from tooth loss, whether it is just a single tooth or multiple teeth. We know how upsetting this can be which is why we frequently suggest dental implants as a long-term solution. This treatment is suitable for most people and age generally isn’t a problem, provided you are over the age of 18 and your jawbone and teeth have finished growing and developing. However, dental implant treatment isn’t right for everybody, which is why our principal dentist Dr. Mounir Iskandar carefully evaluates every single person interested in this procedure. We want to make sure you can enjoy a successful dental implant treatment and all the benefits it can bring. For some, the benefits of dental implant treatment can be life changing and our excellent success rate in this procedure is only possible due to properly assessing each potential candidate.

Who Will Benefit from
Having Dental Implants?

Dental implant treatment can potentially benefit anybody who is missing one or more teeth. It can be extremely useful for patients who do not wish to wear dentures or who currently struggle with loose and ill-fitting dentures. Dental implants can restore a person’s ability to eat and speak properly, and to enjoy a far greater range of foods. However, anyone considering dental implant treatment must be prepared to be patient, as it takes several months to complete this treatment process.

Who Is Most Suitable for
Dental Implant Treatment?
candidate for dental implants

candidate for dental implants

Provided you have reasonable oral and general health and do not smoke, you’re likely to be a good candidate for dental implant treatment. If you do smoke and still wish to have dental implants, you must be prepared to quit for at least the duration of treatment and preferably for good. Dr. Iskandar will also assess your jawbone quality as dental implants need to be surrounded by several millimeters of strong and healthy bone in order to fully bond with the bone during Osseo integration. If you don’t have sufficient jawbone, it’s not necessarily a barrier to treatment, as missing bone can be restored using the very latest bone grafting techniques. Once implant treatment is completed, you must be committed to maintaining good oral hygiene that includes regular checkups and cleanings. Your dental implants may be made from an inert material, but they are surrounded by living tissue that can become infected without the proper dental care.

Who Might Not Be Suitable
for Dental Implants?

In order to place dental implants, you will need to have a small surgical procedure. This is why it’s important for Dr. Iskandar to thoroughly evaluate your oral health and your general health. You mustn’t have any active dental disease, for example, periodontal or gum disease, and you must be in reasonable general health. Certain medical conditions may cause complications that could affect the success of surgery or which will delay healing. A good example would be poorly controlled diabetes, but if you are diabetic and keep the disease properly controlled, it’s still worth enquiring about dental implant treatment.

People who are taking certain medications may be unsuitable for dental implant treatment, for example, bisphosphonates can affect healing. If you are currently undergoing treatment for cancer, you may be advised to consider another way to replace missing teeth.

If you are at all interested in dental implant treatment it’s well worth scheduling an initial consultation with us here at Radiance Dentistry. Dr. Iskandar does assess every person individually, and if he feels dental implant treatment isn’t quite right for you at the moment, he will discuss alternative ways to replace your teeth.