Love my dentist & his staff. They are professional & personable. They are very caring of my needs. Proof that this attitude starts at the top with Dr. Iskandar & it trickles down to his wonderful staff.

- Imelda Escamilla

Awesome service as always! Best implant facility in the metroplex Dr Iskandar and his staff are top notch. 5 Stars

- Lisa Reirdon

They are very friendly and really good at their jobs!

- Jennifer Harp

I had my upper arch fully restored with implants, could not be happier! I was scared at first but the Team gave me the courage, my life has changed as a result. Thanx you Dr Iskandar!

- Emely Escalante

Dr. Iskandar is amazing! My dental implant is in the front and it looks so perfect that no one can even tell it isn’t my natural tooth! Thank you so much for giving me back my confidence with a beautiful smile!

- Ellie

I am very scared of the dentist and was referred by a family member that is a patient at Radiance Dentistry. I had my front tooth fall out due to an injury and needed a bone graft and an implant. This procedure scared me a lot but Dr. Iskandar took the time to explain the implant process to me. During the appointments I was able to listen to music with my headphones, and each step of the process did not take too long. I am so happy with my new implant and smile. It matches all my teeth so well and you cannot even tell that it is a fake tooth. I would recommend Dr. Iskandar and his staff to everyone I know. He is not only caring but also a great at what he does!

- Alex

My name is Ricardo Pinilla. I went to Dr. Iskandar after getting many dentist consultations in Dallas metro area, because I needed to replace a bridge with 8 teeth. They All came back with very expensive estimations. So much that I went ahead and got an external opinion outside the country. Then I saw Dr. Iskandar in the internet. I visited him and explained the work other dentists wanted to do, and he came back with an estimate over 50% less than what I was expecting using implants (3), small bridge and crowns. He was too smart to complete this difficult job and he will be my dentist for life. I would recommend him to anyone that will be looking for a smart Dr. with fair price. He is the guy who will you give you the treatment that you’re needing. Dr. Iskandar is the person to go to. Additional, the staff is friendly, professional and gentle with any other procedure. I trust each of them for all my dental work. Once again, I am Ricardo Pinilla, I’m from TX and I recommend Dr. Iskandar and his team for all your dental work.

- Ricardo

I have had 2 missing teeth for a long time and as I dread going to the dentist I kept on postponing doing anything about the annoying gap in my mouth , until one of my friends mentioned getting an implant done and having a good experience at Radiance Dentistry , so I decided to make an appointment and check what they can do about my gap ! The Dr was nice and thorough and he explained the whole process of implants and answered all my questions , I felt at ease with him and the price they quoted me was very reasonable. I have my two implants now and let me tell you the surgery was much easier than I expected, Dr Iskandar is a skillful Dentist and I could tell the difference between him and my other past dental experiences ,also his staff are very nice and professional. I really liked this place and would recommend it to all my friends.

- Abdallah

Dr. Iskandar is performing my “All On 4” smile makeover. It included all my extractions, implants and creating the temporary and permanent fixed dentures. Although we’re not quite finished yet, my experience has been quite good. He and his staff are very kind and treat the patients like family. Dr. Iskandar is very concerned about patient comfort during these procedures. He explains each procedure and let’s you know the expectations and offers a variety methods dependent on the procedure. If you are looking for an amazing doctor, don’t hesitate to call. It’s been awesome.

- Krissandra

the all teeth on four dental implants. i did not sleep that night but it was amazing, the surgery went very smooth just slight discomfort the night of the surgery and that was it. i am wearing the temporary implant snap on dentures for almost 3 months now and eat almost most of what i have been deprived of for a long time in addition to compliments of my temporary teeth. i am just wondering if the temporary dentures i have are that good, how will be the finals ones.

- Maryann