Implant-supported Bridges

The traditional way to replace missing teeth adjacent to each other is to have a fixed dental bridge. This is supported by your natural teeth that are ground down and crowned in order to support the replacement teeth. Although still a good solution in certain circumstances, it relies on these natural teeth or abutment teeth being strong and healthy enough to support a bridge. Also, removing any sort of healthy tooth structure increases the risk of infection and decay in these teeth. A fixed bridge might not always be the best solution and an implant-supported bridge can be a more conservative treatment choice. This is especially the case where natural teeth are no longer present or are not healthy or strong enough to support a bridge.

How Does an Implant-Supported
Bridge Work?

All the treatment required to plan and fit an implant-supported bridge can be carried out at our comfortable and well-equipped Irving, TX dental office. To fit an implant-supported bridge, Dr. Mounir Iskandar will need to insert dental implants into your jawbone where they must fuse with the surrounding bone until they become strong enough to support your new bridge. Just like an ordinary bridge supported by natural teeth, an implant bridge will consist of crowns that fit over dental implants and which are attached to replacement or artificial teeth. Each of these artificial teeth is called a pontic.implant supported bridges

Will My Implant-Supported Bridge
Look and Feel Natural?

The high degree of care and precision employed during this treatment will ensure that you can enjoy having teeth that are immediately comfortable and fully functional. In order to do this, Dr, Iskandar will plan your implant surgery extremely carefully using advanced diagnostics and computer-guided implant surgery. This is vital when fitting an implant-supported bridge as the dental implants must be optimally inserted at exactly the right angle and location to ensure perfect results.

We use exactly the same high degree of care when custom-making your bridge and Dr. Iskandar collaborates closely with our dental laboratory to ensure the aesthetics are absolutely perfect. Our dental lab only uses the highest quality materials including advanced porcelains that look incredibly natural. These porcelains are able to closely replicate the liveliness and translucency found in natural teeth so your new implant-supported bridge will blend in beautifully with your existing teeth. Your new implant supported bridge may be screwed or cemented in place. We sometimes choose to screw a bridge into place as this allows the bridge to be easily retrieved for cleaning and maintenance. The screw holes are covered up with tooth colored composite so there is no need to be concerned that they will be visible

What Are the Main Benefits of Choosing
an Implant-Supported Bridge?

There are several clear benefits in choosing an implant-supported bridge over more traditional ways of replacing missing teeth.

  • Instead of supporting the bridge with your natural teeth, the bridge is supported by dental implants, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of having a healthy and fully restored smile and teeth that are stable and strong
    This means your natural teeth can remain fully intact as they will not need to shaped for crowns
  • If, or when you need to replace the implant bridge, potentially fewer teeth will be involved than opting for a traditional bridge, which helps to reduce the cost
  • Dental implants protect your jawbone against bone loss, as artificially replacing your tooth root will provide stimulation to the jaw ensuring old bone cells are continually renewed
  • An implant-supported bridge will fully restore your smile, providing the perfect amount of support for your cheeks and lips and restoring your facial dimensions
Am I Suitable for an
Implant-Supported Bridge?

In order to be suitable for this treatment, you need to have good oral health and to have good general health. Your missing teeth should be consecutively located and your jaw needs to have a certain amount of healthy bone. Dr. Iskandar will need to know your medical history and he will take detailed digital dental x-rays as well as a cone beam CT scan that produces 3-D images of your jaw. If you do not currently have sufficient bone for an implant-supported bridge then there is no need to worry as your bone strength can be restored by sophisticated bone grafting procedures or a sinus lift. All these treatments can be completed in our comfortable dental office in Irving, TX.

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If you are interested in finding out more about an implant-supported bridge and how treatment could help you, contact Radiance Dentistry today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Iskandar. He will be able to explain this advanced dental implant treatment in far greater detail, based on your current dental and medical health. Radiance Dentistry also offers several financing options to comfortably spread the cost of dental implants.